A few from my recent trip to Phuket Thailand

Here are a few more shots taken while in Phuket Thailand. I know a few of these pictures are taken in the heat of midday when the light is not very good………..I plan to go back out there either early morning or late afternoon.

Flower Day

Decided to take a few pictures of some flowers while out and about in Phuket……….enjoy

My New Large Format Camera

Well since getting into shooting film about 9 months ago I have now progressed to buying myself a Wisner Technical movements camera…………This camera just looks the part, whether it takes pictures or not it defiantly looks amazing.

Below are some pictures that I have taken with it up to now……….enjoy;

A few B&W from Bonny Scotland

Below  are a few B&W pictures that I took while on holiday in Dundee Scotland. I love shooting in B&W and plan to have a new B&W 1920’s Large Format camera that I plan to use in Thailand……….

Neil's_Photography_January-01,-2017_L1008294 Neil's_Photography_Januairy-01,-2017_L1030061 Neil's_Photography_December-27,-2016_L1020753-2 Neil's_Photography_December-27,-2016_L1007952

A few shots taken with the new Hasselblad X1D

Today I had the opportunity to have a play with the Hasselblad X1D for ~ 15 minutes so not really a chance to fully investigate the cameras potential, but saying that the proof is in the pudding as such and below are just a few pictures that were what I took hand held…………All have had one auto pass through ACR with no sharping

neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230016 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230016crop neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230020 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230020crop neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230023 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230023crop neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230031 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230034

Raw Files for the above can be found HERE

First impressions were “This is a very nice camera to hold and look at” Do I want or need this camera…………my heart is saying YES but my head is saying NO. Okay if you know me you know that I like new toys so that takes care of the “Yes” If you also know me you will know that I already have the Leica S007 system with 3 amazing S lenses 30, 70, and 120mm (I dont see the above files looking any better than the ones I can get from the Leica S system)

I have also recently just bought the Leica SL system and that system with my four M lenses (Noctilux 0.95, 35mm Sumerlux, 50mm collapsable Elmar 2 and the 21mm SEM) gives me the perfect walk about system so I will probably give the X1D a miss.

So in short below is what I thought of the Hasselblad X1D


  • Looks amazing
  • Feels amazing
  • Great looking files
  • Nice menu with large font
  • Very light for a medium format camera


  • This camera is Slow………very deliberate when taking a picture
  • Formatting a new SD card took a full minute
  • Moving the focus point will be a chore having to use the front and rear dials (can use the touch screen as well)
  • No built in GPS

Overall if someone is looking to get into the MF camera system then this would be a great little camera to buy at probably half the price of the rest of the competition that are on the market right now.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact me via the contact page found HERE


By the way it was cold and raining so that is why my beautiful wife was looking pissed off………lol