Diana from the Philippines

This morning I had the pleasure of shooting Diana from the Philippines. We met up and headed over to Lake garden here in KL and did the first few shots we then went over to Keat Camera on Jalan Pudu and took a few more shots there……..all in all we had a great time and we all look forward to catching up again when I am back in KL for another shoot.
Below are the best of the day






The Empress and the China Doll

The Empress and the China Doll

Angel Hsiao
Yorouichi Peisy

Neil D Williams

Somnuk Williams

I was invited to participate in a photo shoot in Maleka to shoot the Empress Theme and below are some of my pictures that I took at the photo shoot with the help of my beautiful wife Nuk.

The shoot was in the upstairs part of the “Famous Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant” in Melaka just off Jonker street, had I known that the shoot was close by a car park then I would have taken my portable studio lights with me but unfortunately I had left those at home and only had one speed light so the softness of the light on the models is not ideal, but saying that the few pictures that I got turned out okay and I hope you like them.

Yorouichi Peisy Yorouichi Peisy Angel HsiaoAngel Hsiao Angel Hsiao Angel Hsiao Yorouichi Peisy Yorouichi Peisy Yorouichi PeisyYorouichi Peisy

I used my Nikon D800e and Zeiss 55mm Otus f1.4

Putrajaya Ballon Festival 2015

Here are some pictures taken yesterday at the annual Putrajaya Ballon Festival here in Malaysia.

All pictures were taken with my Nikon D4s and 300mm f2.8 lens

Putrajaya Ballon Festival

Putrajaya Ballon FestivalPutrajaya Ballon Festival

Sunrise needing a helping hand

Sunrise needing a helping handPutrajaya Ballon Festival

My first Model shoot with Danielle


Last Thursday was my first ever model shoot that I had at my Condominium Kiara 9 Residency in Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I had made contact with Daniella through “Portrait Dojo” a Malaysian Modelling forum. We met up at the Hilton hotel just to get to know each other and made plans to have the first shoot at our condominium building. Danielle was very easy to work with and made my job very easy as she pretty much made all the poses without direction. My wife Nuk was fantastic, I had my camera tethered to an iPad using the Camranger   which works fantastic with both the Nikon D4s and Nikon D800e. The pictures would pretty much pop up on the iPad as soon as I took the picture and Nuk would tell me “move here move there, more light less light etc etc.

The whole day was a blast and we both look forward to shooting some more pictures with Danielle in the near future.

Below are some pictures from that shoot.