A few random pictures from when I was at home last month

Here are a few random pictures that I have just processed from when I was at home last month and some from my trip to Scotland at the beginning of the year.

Waiting for the train on the outskirts of Bangkok Thailand

Ohh Bonny Scotland

Nai Yang Beach Phuket

Another from Scotland

West coast of Scotland

Phang-na Bay Thailand

Another from Scotland

Sunset in bonny Scotland

Chinese Buddha Temple near Klang Vally in Malaysia

New Chamonix 8×10

Below is a selection of pictures that I took with my new Chamonix 8×10 Large Format camera. Here is also a picture of me with the new Chamonix 8×10……as you can see its quite a beast (The Camera that is 🙂 )



A few from my recent trip to Phuket Thailand

Here are a few more shots taken while in Phuket Thailand. I know a few of these pictures are taken in the heat of midday when the light is not very good………..I plan to go back out there either early morning or late afternoon.

Flower Day

Decided to take a few pictures of some flowers while out and about in Phuket……….enjoy