Scotland & Europe Trip

Well here I am over halfway through my annual holidays and today has been really the first day when I have had a chance to sit down and look at the pictures I have taken so far.

Scotland was a washout as it basically rained everyday, Zurich was so hot 30 +  degrees it was not comfortable being out in that kind of weather for any amount of time. When we hit Northern Italy we still had many days with constant rain so most of that was also a washout.

Yesterday we arrived in Venice and if anyone reading this hasher been to Venice they will know what it is like, thousands and thousands of tourists (me and Nuk included) plus a guarantee to get lost………yes we got lost and today we nearly got lost.

Below are some pictures so far, once I get back home and I have had a chance to pick the best of the bunch I will add them to the various galleries within my website…………..enjoy 🙂





Dolomites from a Chair Lift




Team Work


L1008265 L1008279 L1008300


L1007529-Edit L1007586 L1007593


L1007721-Pano L1007756-Pano L1007769 L1007771 L1010199-Pano L1010228 L1010245 L1010265

Here are a few more pictures that I have been working on from the same trip……………….enjoy

L1007811 L1007935 L1010260 L1008t613-Edit L1007922 L1007933 L1008007