Hokkaido Japan with H6D

Below are a selection of pictures taken while visiting Hokkaido Japan

Tulip Fields
Swan Lake maybe
Small Waterfall
The Red Barn
The Blue Pond

Japan 2015 Revisited

Below are some extra pictures from my trip to Japan in 2015 with my Leica S006

Somebody is happy

Latest Large Format Film Images

Below is a selection of Large Format Film pictures taken with this camera;

Over the last couple of months I have started using my Chamonix 8×10 Film camera and find that it just slows me down so so much. The enjoyment of working on these pictures in my dark room also make me relaxed and chilled.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

I cant say that I enjoyed taking pictures of people mutilating there bodies but they do it every year so I thought  should document it…..Please see below;

Tanzania Safari 2018

So I arrived in Kilimanjaro after overnighting in Dar Es Salam. I met up with the guide Josh who then took me to Arusha meet Charles Mpanda who is the owner of the safari company Tanganyika Ancient Routes http://www.tanganyikasafari.com/ We had some breakfast in Arusha then the three of us headed out to tangerine national park for two nights staying at the Balloon Camp….

The park is amazing, lots and lots of wildlife but very very dry and dusty, a complete contrast to when I was there 2 years ago in February when it was green.
After tangerine safari park we headed to Ngorongoro crater, stayed at the Sopa lodge in preparation to go into the crater the next day…..the ngorongoro crater was a nightmare, completely covered by thick cloud and cold…..really cold, there was very few animals to see and by 9:30am in the morning I was still shooting at ISO 1600 to 3200 to make an exposure.
We left the crater early and headed to the southern serengeti where we stayed for two more nights. This area is great as you can go off road but talk about dust ville…..dust everywhere.
We then started heading north to the northern Serengeti where we spent the next 2 nights and managed to get a mara river crossing shot……..that was so so special to witness watching thousands of wildebeest going crazy trying to stay away from the crocodiles…….
We then headed back into central Serengeti to catch my flight back to DAR then home………..all in all a fantastic trip

Below are some of the pictures taken while I was on the safari.


Vietnam 2018

Phong Nha Cave

A few pictures of the local Talent

A few odds & Ends


Barcelona 2018

Below are some pictures of my trip to Barcelona…………..nice place

Hua Hin Thailand

Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to Hua Hin in central Thailand