My New Large Format Camera

Well since getting into shooting film about 9 months ago I have now progressed to buying myself a Wisner Technical movements camera…………This camera just looks the part, whether it takes pictures or not it defiantly looks amazing.

Below are some pictures that I have taken with it up to now……….enjoy;

A few B&W from Bonny Scotland

Below  are a few B&W pictures that I took while on holiday in Dundee Scotland. I love shooting in B&W and plan to have a new B&W 1920’s Large Format camera that I plan to use in Thailand……….

Neil's_Photography_January-01,-2017_L1008294 Neil's_Photography_Januairy-01,-2017_L1030061 Neil's_Photography_December-27,-2016_L1020753-2 Neil's_Photography_December-27,-2016_L1007952

A few shots taken with the new Hasselblad X1D

Today I had the opportunity to have a play with the Hasselblad X1D for ~ 15 minutes so not really a chance to fully investigate the cameras potential, but saying that the proof is in the pudding as such and below are just a few pictures that were what I took hand held…………All have had one auto pass through ACR with no sharping

neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230016 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230016crop neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230020 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230020crop neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230023 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230023crop neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230031 neils_photography_december-29-2016_b1230034

Raw Files for the above can be found HERE

First impressions were “This is a very nice camera to hold and look at” Do I want or need this camera…………my heart is saying YES but my head is saying NO. Okay if you know me you know that I like new toys so that takes care of the “Yes” If you also know me you will know that I already have the Leica S007 system with 3 amazing S lenses 30, 70, and 120mm (I dont see the above files looking any better than the ones I can get from the Leica S system)

I have also recently just bought the Leica SL system and that system with my four M lenses (Noctilux 0.95, 35mm Sumerlux, 50mm collapsable Elmar 2 and the 21mm SEM) gives me the perfect walk about system so I will probably give the X1D a miss.

So in short below is what I thought of the Hasselblad X1D


  • Looks amazing
  • Feels amazing
  • Great looking files
  • Nice menu with large font
  • Very light for a medium format camera


  • This camera is Slow………very deliberate when taking a picture
  • Formatting a new SD card took a full minute
  • Moving the focus point will be a chore having to use the front and rear dials (can use the touch screen as well)
  • No built in GPS

Overall if someone is looking to get into the MF camera system then this would be a great little camera to buy at probably half the price of the rest of the competition that are on the market right now.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact me via the contact page found HERE


By the way it was cold and raining so that is why my beautiful wife was looking pissed off………lol



Back in Phuket

Its been seven years since I was last back in Phuket, below are a few pictures that I took while I was there……….enjoy

l1007259 l1007266 ndw_3426 l1007319 l1007374-pano l1007405 l1007416 l1007456 ndw_3436 ndw_3451 ndw_3456 l1007258

I’m really looking forward to coming back in the New Year when hopefully the weather will be better for catching Phuket in its full glory 🙂 🙂




A few pictures from my recent trip to Hue Vietnam

When I was at home last month me and my wife Nuk went to Hue Vietnam for a 5 day holiday with Mr Bean and his crew. Mr Bean is an amazing contact for anyone “especially photographers” who want a five star holiday at a three star price. He can take you to all the places that tourists go but better still he can take you to all the places that the tourists DON’T go……..

Vietnam has changed so so much since I was there in 1992. The people of Vietnam are so so friendly and the photo opportunities are endless

Below are a selection of pictures from my trip;

ready-to-print-l1009808 ready-to-print-lake-garden-test_0000300004 ready-to-print-l1008987 l1008964-edit l1009218-edit hoi-ann-51 ready-for-print-l1000200

l1009346 l1009021

Tanzania revisited

I’ve been looking back on my files from my trip to Tanzania in January this year and I have quite a few files that have turned out to be keepers. Below are a few that i’ve found amongst the many thousand that I took.

Neil's_Photography_January-20,-2016__NUK5390 Neil's_Photography_January-21,-2016__NUK8172-2 Neil's_Photography_January-21,-2016__NUK8843-Recovered Neil's_Photography_January-24,-2016__NUK5395 Neil's_Photography_January-18,-2016__NUK3085-2 Neil's_Photography_January-20,-2016__NUK5268 Neil's_Photography_January-20,-2016__NUK5359 Neil's_Photography_January-20,-2016__NUK6277 Neil's_Photography_January-21,-2016__NUK1109 Neil's_Photography_Januahry-19,-2016__NUK4453

Ive got myself a new Stamp/watermark for my pictures…..what do you think??


Fine Art

I’m taking Nuk to Tanzania in Feb 2017 so that she can experience the amazing Tanzania savannah’s.

Neil's_Photography_January-22,-2016__NUK2694-Recovered Neil's_Photography_January-22,-2016__NUK3059 Neil's_Photogjraphy_January-22,-2016__NUK2767 Neil's_Photography_January-21,-2016_NDW_6760-Recovered Neil's_Photography_January-22,-2016__NUK2428

Scotland & Europe Trip

Well here I am over halfway through my annual holidays and today has been really the first day when I have had a chance to sit down and look at the pictures I have taken so far.

Scotland was a washout as it basically rained everyday, Zurich was so hot 30 +  degrees it was not comfortable being out in that kind of weather for any amount of time. When we hit Northern Italy we still had many days with constant rain so most of that was also a washout.

Yesterday we arrived in Venice and if anyone reading this hasher been to Venice they will know what it is like, thousands and thousands of tourists (me and Nuk included) plus a guarantee to get lost………yes we got lost and today we nearly got lost.

Below are some pictures so far, once I get back home and I have had a chance to pick the best of the bunch I will add them to the various galleries within my website…………..enjoy 🙂





Dolomites from a Chair Lift




Team Work


L1008265 L1008279 L1008300


L1007529-Edit L1007586 L1007593


L1007721-Pano L1007756-Pano L1007769 L1007771 L1010199-Pano L1010228 L1010245 L1010265

Here are a few more pictures that I have been working on from the same trip……………….enjoy

L1007811 L1007935 L1010260 L1008t613-Edit L1007922 L1007933 L1008007

Malaysian SBK

Yesterday I went and shot the first practice session for the Malaysian SBK at Sepang race track. Unfortunately the rider of bike 65 didn’t far to well and was taken off in an ambulance………I hope he will be okay.

Here are a few shots from this practice session;

Neil's_Photography_May-13,-2016_NDW_1910 Neil's_Photography_May-13,-2016_NDW_4114 Neil's_Photography_May-13,-2016_NDW_1909 Neil's_Photography_May-13,-2016_NDW_3272-Edit Neil's_Photography_May-13,-2016_NDW_4183