First month of shooting with my new Hasselblad H6D100c and its been a blast. There is a whole new feel to shooting with this kind of camera, yes its heavy but surprisingly enough it actually sits nicely in ones hand, all the buttons and knobs are easily accessed (except the mirror up button) so I have reconfigured my button layout so that everything that I need to take a hand held or a picture on a tripod are right there at my finger tips.

Hand held with the Hasselblad Noctilux HC100 f2.2 is easy peaty………….you get amazing bouquet and the detail from centre all the way into the corners is amazing.

I have done quit a lot of shots on a tripod using another new gadget the Acra Swill PO 1 ball head (now that is an amazing piece of kit) very fluid and easy to manipulate, when shooting landscape I just use the 3 second timer that automatically activates the mirror up function meaning no vibrations durning the exposure phase.

Below are a few that I have taken with this camera, and full resolution images can be seen HERE