Japan 2017

So we arrived safely in Osaka Airport after a nice flight from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia……….that was the best part. The next hour and a half was a bloody nightmare.

Our Japanese Customs brothers decided to go to town on our luggage (Two suit cases and a hard shell camera case) with a fine tooth brush, they especially had a filed day with the camera case loaded with a Leica S007 3 x S lenses and half a dozen rolls of film. Because the foam lining had been custom cut by me to accommodate the S body and 3 lenses they thought there was more in the case than what they could see…….instead of putting the case through a x/ray machine the poked and prodded, they tapped and listened, they had the camera and lenses out then in then out again…….then the godfather of the customs came and shoved his runny nose in the case dripping snot all over the lining of the case. He then gave the go ahead to let us go about our business…..nightmare :(

Car Rental

Off we pop to the car rented counter where the smiling reps were waiting for us. I gave them the $100 new International Driving Permit that is required to hire a car in Japan (I bought it online from from these B$%$#$#@#  To see the three of these car rental experts looking at it then looking at me then looking at the licence again then giggling then looking at the licence again then talking to someone on the phone. They then gave me the phone and there was a woman on the end saying my international driving permit is not valid for Japan and that I cant rent a car. I’m like WTF are you talking about, I bought this especially to be able to drive in Japan………..shes like sorry cannot rent a car………..


Luckly for me and not so luck for my old lady I had her get a international driving permit from Phuket so that I can get on the piss at night and she can drive……anyway as soon as they saw her permit they were like Yea Yaaa Yea (maybe one of them was German) anyway after another 15 minutes of them talking to the translator and her talking to me it was decided that only my wife could drive the car…………..Now my wife is like WTF….I came on holiday to go shopping and chilling……… not to be my personal chuffer. Cut a long story short………….its all turned out nicely in the end (for me anyway :) :) :)


All joking apart my wife has enjoyed most of the driving, apart from when the GPS crapped itself in the middle of town and she tried to go the wrong way up a one way street………I was like WTF, and that was the wrong thing to say at that particular time………we nearly ended up getting an early flight home.


Day three and we are off to Kyoto tomorrow for 3 days………….Pictures to follow



So that us at Kansai airport on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. We’ve had a fantastic stay in Japan, stayed in really nice hotels and eat way to much food :)
So how did the gear choice work out. I took Leica S007 with 3 lenses and Leica M6 with just the 35mm sumerlux.

First of all the M6. I nearly sold that camera last month and really glad that I didn’t. It’s a wonderful feeling shooting that camera, simple and decisive……. I had better not rave on to much about it until I develop the 3 rolls of color film by myself tomorrow morning.
I can’t wait to see how the files look especially after the previous attempt at shooting 135 film…….. I tend to have better results with the bigger stuff.


The files from the M6 are just okay, nothing to rave about and will now still probably sell the camera

Leica S

I love this camera. I took all three lenses 30, 70 & 120mm and probably shot most with the 120 and 70. Very few shots with the 30mm sumerlux and in future I would I would leave the 30mm at home, if I need to shoot wide I can stitch either of the 120 or 70mm
Looking at the S files in Bridge they look lovely, I did struggle initially to shoot especially with the 70mm to not blow out the sky but eventually I got the hang of it even if the overall image is about 1 stop under.
It was easy using the live view but I didn’t shoot very much on a tripod as they are banned in most places of interest.
I used the black rabbit strap all the time with the S and it’s wonderful, fast to get to and easy to get off if there was an tripod shot available. I had a whip check attached just in case but never needed it.
When I get home I will post up the pictures from my trip over the next couple of weeks.
Car rental
Like I explained earlier, I had to get my wife to drive due to the fake international driving license that I had bought online in the US.
Parking in Japan is expensive and something I hate to have to pay. Basically it was costing me ¥2500 a day $23 bucks and the toll roads cost me another $125 for the seven days. We covered a lot of miles and went to places that would be near impossible on public transport so all in all money well spent ……. except for the parking 🙁 :(

Japan is a lovely place to visit. Super clean with very friendly and helpful people