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About Neil Williams Travel Photography. I started getting interested in Photography back in 2009 when I moved from Thailand to Malaysia.

At first I started off with a basic DSLR camera and pretty much shot with it on automatic. Then one day I was visiting the Nikon store in Kuala Lumpur, where I saw an advertisement for a photography class/workshop. The staff in the Nikon store Kuala Lumpur got me to sign up for the class.

It was after starting taking photography classes that I quickly got hooked on Photography.

As far as cameras go, I have had many styles of cameras, from the basic to the very best medium format digital cameras. But my passion is for film photography, again starting off with a M6 35mm rangefinder, to now shooting with my Large Format Chamonix 8×10.

You will notice in Neil Williams Travel Photography that I do not have a specific style of photography “which you will see from my varied galleries” but I do like shooting in Black & White. I especially like the Simplistic kind of stuff with Wildlife photography probably being the most enjoyable.

Basically I just like photography and everything that goes with it. Saying all of that, if you take a look at Whats Hanging on Neils Walls you will see what I consider to be my favourite images.

Out with the Camera

A typical travel photography day for me will be to load the truck up with one of my film cameras, my digital Hasselblad H6D100c and something small like my Leica Q2 hanging around my neck.

Usually I start heading north of Phuket (I’ve already photographed most of Phuket) to Phang-nga where there are endless photo opportunities. I usually arrive home from a Photography trip and head to my darkroom where I will start processing any film negatives that I took that day.

When I get up in the morning I will be able to make the final touches to the images before uploading them into Neil Williams Travel Photography website for everyone to enjoy.

In the past both me and my wife would travel a lot to places like Japan, Tanzania, Europe and all over Asia, but recently we have stuck to either Thailand or Malaysia

I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures inside “Neil Williams Travel Photography” as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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